Ohio Election Law 2018.1
July 25, 2018, Richfield, Ohio

The Academy of Continuing Legal Education presents a program July 25, 2018, Wednesday. This program will provide information on the statutory requirements of Ohio election law, and an update on Federal and Ohio court decisions affecting Ohio election law, including up-to-the-minute Federal court orders, amendments to Revised Code Title 35 and the most current Secretary of State Directives and Advisories. This program has been approved by the Supreme Court of Ohio, Office of CLE, for 6.5 hours of CLE credit, including four hours of general CLE and 2.5 hours of "Professional Conduct". The Secretary of State of Ohio has approved one hour of credit for the first 4 hours of this program, not including the "Professional Conduct" afternoon sections, for Board of Elections member and director Additional Instruction required by Secretary of State Directive 2010-103.

The July 25 program includes:

Legislation, Directives, and Advisories, discussing requirements for Voter Registration; Early Voting and Absentee Voting, including in-person and mail-in voting; Election Day procedures and activities, and Provisional Ballot procedures. This material will be presented by Aaron Ockerman, the executive director of the Ohio Association of Elections Officials.

Court Decisions Affecting Ohio Election Law is presented by Deborah A. Dawson, Chief Assistant Prosecutor in the Civil Division of the Stark County Prosecuting Attorney. This is an evolving area of Ohio law, in which Ms. Dawson has participated in litigating cases before the Supreme Court of Ohio.Ms.Dawson will present current developments in Ohio and Federal courts as of the date of the program. An interactive discussion with some of the participants in these cases will be encouraged.

Campaign Practices and Campaign Finance, and Authority of the Ohio Elections Commission, is presented by Philip C. Richter, Esq., Executive Director of the Ohio Elections Commission since 1996. This will include descriptions of permitted and prohibited campaign practices, disclosure requirements for written, printed, and electronic campaign materials, Campaign Finance reporting, allowable contributions including corporate contribution questions, and allowable expenses. Discussions will include activities and obligations of candidates, candidate committees, issue committees, and Political Action Committees. Director Richter will identify what matters come before the Commission, how the Commission proceeds, what remedial acts the Commission can require, and what penalties the Commission may impose for Election Law violations.

These three sections, for which the Secretary of State has approved 1.0 hour for Board of Elections credit, will all be presented before the lunch break, so that attendees who do not have an interest in the attorney "Professional Conduct" presentation will be done at 1:30 PM.

The mandatory "Professional Conduct" two-and-one-half hour requirement is presented, in two afternoon sections of 90 minutes and 60 minutes, by Linette M. Stratford, Chief Assistant Prosecutor for the Mahoning County Prosecuting Attorney, and adjunct faculty member of Youngstown State University. Ms. Stratford will present updates of "Disciplinary Isssues for Attorneys Who Hold Public Office" and "Ethical Considerations for Attorneys Representing County, Township, and Local Government Agencies" These sections are intended to provide continuing guidance for attorneys in public service, as the professional responsibilities of public service continue to evolve.

A course outline is available here.

The seminar location is The Richfield Conference Center, at the Days Inn, 4742 Brecksville Road, Richfield, Ohio 44286, on Route 21 immediately south of the Ohio Turnpike exchange with Interstate Route 77.

The Days Inn has made a limited number of rooms available at a group rate. These rooms may be reserved by calling (330) 659-6151, by July 15, 2018, and indicating "Academy of.C.L.E. Seminar" group.   information about the hotel…

Price for the six and one-half hours of CLE is $225.00, being $34.61 per credit hour, for registrations paid by July 15, 2018. Late registrations, received on or after July 16, are $250.00, to cover the expense of reproducing additional sets of the course materials at an expedited cost. Non-attorney election officials who will not be attending the "Professional Conduct" portion, may register by July 15 for $160.00. This reduced rate applies to EARLY REGISTRATION ONLY.

A discounted fee, for Early Registration ONLY, is available for attorneys and election officials representing small-county governments, described online here.

The Registration fee includes electronic reporting of CLE attendance to the Supreme Court of Ohio, Commission on Continuing Legal Education. Pending approval of this program by the Secretary of State, the Registration fee also includes electronic reporting of attendance to the Secretary of State for Board of Elections credit, if requested by the attendee. If an attendee requests additional communications or documents to enable that attendee to apply for credit for attending this program with any other State or agency, there is an administrative charge of $50.00 per other State or agency for which communications or documents are requested.

No provision is available for attorney registration for less than the full 6.5-hour block. Attendance will be monitored in compliance with the rules provided by the Ohio Supreme Court. For additional information on registration, email AcademyofCLE@aol.com.

A Registration form that you may download, print, and postal mail
to the Academy with your check, is online here:

OHIO ELECTION LAW 2018.1 - Outline and Registration Form

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